About the Author

Robert Grant is a retired lawyer living in Fergus and Southampton Ontario. His love of history, writing, law and the game of curling have blended to produce this work. His studies took him through those disciplines at University yet he always harboured a desire to tell a make-up story. He has curled internationally particularly in Scotland and dealt with tangled estates in his law practice. The joy of writing motivates him through the chapters touching on many mainstream issues of the time. The epilogue of this book begs a sequel.

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Repose of the Ailsa Stone


Scotland 1913 - twins are born in the Inverness Poorhouse to an unwed woman.  One disappears while the other's identity gets bungled.  All of it leads to a courtroom drama.

Canada 1918 - WWI has just ended and the survivors are returning from Europe.  One man is "missing" until his wife travels to Germany to discover his fate.  Or is it still a mystery?


 Repose of the Ailsa Stone Coveer


Ailsa Stone

 Ailsa Stone Cover


From the mine at Ailsa Stone on the west coast of Scotland to the fishing boats of Aberdeen in the east, young Stuart deals with prejudice, class distinction and the misunderstanding of epilepsy.  His union with Regina is both loving and sadly disasterous.  Unknowingly smitten by the Fraser curse, his family will face it head on.

Their son Ewen is gripped by the struggle in determining his clan heritage and the truth surrounding his emigration from Scotland to Canada.  He will lean on a talisman – a small curling stone – that leads him through the courts.  "Death pays dividends".




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