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I've just finished reading - would normally take me at least 2 weeks for 450 + page book. Couldn't put it down - simply the best novel I've read for a very long time. Thoroughly enjoyed the tale you told and the history of curling that you managed to incorporate.  


Ken M.

Your courtroom scenes are very good - you should have been a judge in real life.  Hurry on the next book. I’m running out of great reads.  


Charlie F

Well, I just finished your book, Bob! I LOVED it!!!! So many twists and turns! 


Jen G.

It is such a complex plot and engaging group of characters you've



Linda P


As a retired lawyer, I am fortunate to be able to divide my time between the historic town of Fergus with its Scottish roots, and the peaceful shores of Lake Huron in Southampton. I pursue my writing passion by combining my interests in history, writing, law, and the game of curling.

Throughout my life, I've had a desire to create stories, and my love of curling has led me to travel internationally, particularly to Scotland, where my first two books are set. This joy of writing motivates me throughout the chapters by addressing many contemporary issues that occurred during the years of each story. I hope you enjoy them!

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For media or other inquiries, please contact me via email at

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